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UPDATED 5/14/14 with a new excerpt: My next zine, coming later this year, is a little anthology called PRATFALL. Yes, from the BRILLIANT MIND (i.e. me) that brought you Tablegeddon last year, comes this collection of stories by cartoonists recalling true painful and/or humiliating accidents. From up top: yours truly, Rob Kirby, suffering from a kind of a freak accident during my less than halcyon days of waiting tables in “Stuck;” MariNaomi relates a cautionary tale of why maybe cartoonists should avoid bowling in “Bowling Blues;” Noah Van Sciver ably demonstrates why one should always Bend The Knees when lifting in “Free TV;” Kelly Froh takes a tumble in “The Danger of Looking Good” (the culprit: high heels); and Tessa Brunton begins her own long and hilarious tumble during a grueling family vacation in her untitled contribution. Among the other amazing cartoonists who will be contributing their own tales: Tony Breed, Cara Bean, Max ClotfelterGabrielle Gamboa, Becky Hawkins, Carrie McNinch, John Porcellino, Aron Nels Steinkeand Jason ViolaMore previews coming in the weeks ahead! 

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